so……now that ibc is over, what was actually new?

There were lots of new products: better, smarter, cheaper, higher-def cameras, for example. New tools, new software, new kit. And all of it reflecting, or trying to reflect, the changing broadcast experience.

As WordSwift, what I noticed were new words arriving in the vocabulary of broadcast technology. Here are a few I spotted, along with links to relevant websites. Most have been in use in IT for a while and are now penetrating through to broadcast technology:

  • Agile development was initially an IT-only term. Now it’s being discussed for all kinds of projects. Is this the way to stop feature-creep and finally, deliver projects that actually do what the customer wanted in the first place? Start by looking at to find out what the vision is.
  •  Broadcast Engineering ran a nice piece on second screens. and this term was everywhere. Yes, viewers will carry on watching TV (phew!) but now they want more entertainment, and all at the same time..
  • Cloud computing has been around for a while, but does the term really mean anything?  At you get a goodoverview of what’s meant by the term.
  • Once you’ve started down the path of cloud computing, you’re bound to come across saas (software as a service). Find out more at

So many more terms to cover and ideas that came up – these, however, are the ones that struck me as reaching new levels.

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