my week in culture

saturday: watch silly Italian detective TV series “Inspector Montalano”. Hardly “The Killing” but amusing enough.
sunday: throw out Elvis Presley CD I’ve had for years and never actually liked.
monday: can’t avoid the Amanda Knox appeal. So sorry for the Kercher family back to square one and forgotten by everyone.
tuesday: watch “life is beautiful” on DVD, possibly one of the most bizarre films ever, mixing Hollywood-style comedy with life in a concentration camp. Italian.
wednesday: finish reading Mrs Gaskell’s “Wives & Daughters”. Everyone satisfactorily engaged and married by the end. Thanks goodness for the 19th century novel.
thursday: Lichfield Literary Festival – we see charming but nervous author talk about the women in Dr Johnson’s life & composed, confident author gives us a whistle-stop tour through Edward Burne-Jones.
friday: David Acheson leads us through maths, magic and music. For a brief moment, it seems that maths might be more interesting and less difficult than I’d previously imagined. Fearsomely intelligent questions from the audience disabuse me of this notion.
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